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LIVE Snakes Staff Only
Just for fun and because it is reasonable for potential and new members to wonder if they are getting their information from a credible source, I am thinking of creating a bar graph with our aggregated years of experience with different aspects of herps. Please take a moment to answer the following to the best of your recollection. If schooling is a part of your experience, please use the start date of applicable coursework as the beginning date (e.g., doctors would count from the start date of graduate-level studies). Skip any questions not applicable to you. Answers should be years of experience and should be more or less continual experience, but need not be paid experience. If you exited a field and reentered at a later date, you would omit the intervening years from your count, unless you stayed engaged in some manner during that time (e.g., volunteering, continuing education, etc.)
At some point, I intend to make a staff page on LEARN's website. List your name as you would like it to be displayed on the website (including any applicable titles). This is the only information that anyone will see. Your other answers will be a part of aggregate data not associated with your name.
If you would like a link to be displayed (e.g., to your website, FB page, FB profile, etc.), list that here. You may list any type of link, and you may include multiple links.
How long have you been keeping herps, if applicable?
This could be paid or unpaid work, including applicable course work. Actively engaging in citizen science measures would be applicable here. Master Naturalist training would go here, for example.
This encompasses all professional medical fields, including nursing, EMT, etc. A veterinary doctor would list their time here, however, a vet tech or similar support staff would list their time under animal assistance below.
How long have you been administering or moderating web pages or forums? This need not only be time managing a Facebook entity, but it should be experience pertinent to managing social interactions (not just web design). Experience in this category need not be strictly herp-related.
This includes any type of herp or conservation-related outreach (giving presentations, writing newsletters, designing websites, etc.)
This would include wildlife rescue and relocation requests, pet fostering and rescue, wildlife rehabilitation, etc. Wildlife assistance need not be strictly herps, but traditional companion animals and livestock would not be included in this accounting (not dog or cat rescue).
This includes all formal teaching experience and training (starting from grad school, if applicable, or date of first employment). This is not restricted to herpetology, but rather refers to teaching experience in general. Unpaid teaching experience would be included here if done in a formal capacity and related to scientific communication. For example, conducting Master Naturalist training, hosting skill-based workshops, etc. would be included, as would writing books or working as a docent at a nature park.
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