L.E.A.R.N. is looking for part time help at our facility.

Our facility is 12 miles south of Bossier City near Lake Bistineau on Hwy 154.

Days and hours are very flexible.  We have openings for 16-24 hours a week, which equates to one person two to three days a week or two people one to two days each.  An example schedule would be someone working 8 hours on a Tuesday or Wednesday, and 8-10 hours on a Saturday or Sunday.  We will adjust the schedule to whatever works for the right candidate.  We are happy to work around existing school or work schedules.

Work is not hard, provided you do not have any animal phobias.

Duties consist primarily of cleaning enclosures and the facility, feeding animals and other routine animal husbandry tasks.  The job is very similar to working at a pet store, except there are no customers to deal with.  For someone willing to take on more duties to get more hours, there are outside improvements we are always planning.  Outside tasks range from lawn and garden maintenance to maintaining fences and trails to building outdoor pens.  The more tasks you are comfortable with and suited for is the more hours you will be able to acquire and the higher wage you will command.

Wage depends primarily on aptitude.  The faster you become facile with the tasks required directly correlates to wage increases.

If you are interested in being considered for this position, please submit the following information: