Louisiana Exotic Animal Resource Network
Louisiana Exotic Animal Resource Network
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Welcome to L.E.A.R.N.!

Around here, we're BIG on education! If you are stopping by to learn more about reptiles and amphibians, you'l definitely want to download our award-winning FREE eBook. 
"This book is going to make a difference!"
—Dr. Harry W. Greene
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LIVE Snakes 
Identification and Discussion

Do you have a pet in need?

L.E.A.R.N. takes in hundreds of species of small exotic pets (sorry, no cat, dogs, or livestock!). We would be happy to try to help you if you need to surrender an animal or find it a home.
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Found an Injured Animal?

L.E.A.R.N. is a licensed wildlife rehabilitation center. While we only treat reptiles and amphibians at our center, we work with the other rehab centers around here, and can help you get an animal where it needs to go!
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The Natural World

Follow our online publication for thought-provoking stories about our world.

Looking to Request a Talk?

Our president, Micha Petty, is a Louisiana Master Naturalist and is happy to come to your group and talk about the Bayou State's wildlife. Try to send your request in soon- his schedule fills up fast!

There is no charge for this service 
(donations are always accepted, though!)
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Connect with L.E.A.R.N.!

Our staff is active on social media. Join us on Facebook and follow our adventures. You can also join several educational groups and learn about critters year-round!
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Western Ratsnake photo by Micha Petty

Introduction to Herpetology (Our Blog)

We're busy uploading all of our educational content right here to the website! We have a ways to go, but now you can learn (and share!) a lot about reptiles and amphibians with ease!
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Louisiana Exotic Animal Resource Network is a nonprofit wildlife rehabilitation and animal rescue that focuses heavily on global conservation and herpetological education. Content is © All rights reserved, unless otherwise noted.
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