L.E.A.R.N. hosts and attends various events throughout the year.

We also host various workshops at the facility, and bring critters to various venues, such as libraries, summer camps and youth groups.

To stay up to date with our upcoming events, text Micha at (318) 773-9393 or follow our Facebook page.

To request an event with L.E.A.R.N.,  visit our event request page.






For more information on any of our events, you are welcome to contact us.

Our regularly scheduled events each year include:

>> L.E.A.R.N. currently has a moratorium on events at the facility until we get some repairs to the entrance road completed that were necessitated by the recent storms.<<

  • Spring Open House at the facility- First Saturday in Spring
  • Summer Open House- First Saturday in Summer
  • Fall Open House- First Saturday in Fall
  • Winter Open House (Invitation Only)- Last Saturday of Fall
  • Spring Field-herping trip- April 16th (or nearest Saturday)
  • Summer Field-herping trip- July 4th
  • Fall Field-herping trip- September 11th
  • National Hunting and Fishing day at Bodcau Wildlife Management Area- Fourth Saturday in September
  • Red River National Wildlife Refuge Fall Wildlife Celebration- Third Saturday in October


Field Herping Adventues